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Science Fiction -The best science fiction, fantasy, art, media, comics, series, and exclusive omnibus editions keep calling to me. The path to adventure starts with this genre and never ends. There are always new books to experience. I carefully choose each selection to challenge my imagination. Yet, no matter where my quests lead, I can always start them by selecting these books at home. Click the link above to see the Science Fiction Book Club.

Literature -One of my favorite literature markets is Del Rey Books. Del Rey Books began as an imprint of Ballantine Books in 1977 with the bestselling The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks (which was the first novel to hit the New York Times trade bestseller list). Begun by editor Judy-Lynn del Rey with the editorial assistance of her husband, author and editor Lester del Rey, Del Rey Books quickly grew into the most robust sf/fantasy imprint in the field. Over the years, its list has grown beyond Terry Brooks to include Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Stephen Donaldson, Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings, Larry Niven, Alan Dean Foster, Katherine Kurtz, Jack L. Chalker, Barbara Hambly, and many other familiar names. In fact, I happen to be a fantasy novelist myself. Check out my literary works.

Anime -Anime is another name for what some people call Japanamation. Anime is really diffrent from American cartoons. Anime is some of the best animated "cartoons" or movies that you will ever see! I use the word cartoon lightly because Anime is nothing like our (sometimes) "boring" saturday morning kiddy shows and should not be compaired with cartoons at all because, Anime is superior in every way. Anime has been aired on American television, although very rarely. They are a lot more detailed than our cartoons, and some of them are a lot more graphic. Many Anime should not be viewed by small children because they are made for adult audiences and are subject to violent/sexual content, bad language, and/or adult themes. Not all Anime is like like that though. I would not get caught up with it, just click on the link to the Anime Web Turnpike and enjoy.

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I am a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. I was born on 10/28/72. I was brought up in the Town of Brighton, New York and attended Brighton High School. I continued my education at Mansfield Universety, Pa, and then transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have graduated with an Associates degree in Electrical Technology and a Bachelors in the Physical Sciences.

I have also taken courses at a computer learning center to learn more about the wonderful world of computers. The outfit is called New Horizons and it is a teriffic oppurtunity for those who are seeking a career in computers.

I am currently working as a test technician at Surmotech. My hopes for the future is to promote my books and advance in the technology field.

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