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Halloween is my favorite holiday! It is a shame that such a wonderful celebration only comes around once a year for I enjoy it immensely. It is probably the only holiday where you can have a great time without spending a lot of money. Unique to most other holidays, Halloween has a knack of never failing to thrill and impress. Even though I'm way past the trick-or-treating age, I still look forward to seeing kids all dressed up, and experiencing the general high spirits of the holiday as I hand out the candy and set up the annual halloween display out on my front lawn.

I can't help but wonder why nobody has ever considered Halloween to be a national holiday. Perhaps because Halloween has such a bad reputation as a result of past history or events from which its present-day image has emerged. Nevertheless, Halloween is fun for all ages.

This page is dedicated to all of the Halloween lovers on the web.

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Every Halloween, little ghosts, ghouls and goblins get ready to make their annual appearance on your doorstep. But before you send your little monsters out, make sure they'll be safe. Trick or treat time should be fun. But each year, many children are hurt, as they go door to door in the dark. So here are a few safety tips:

The number one risk is kids in costumes who aren't visible to oncoming cars.

  • Make your kids more visible by dressing them in light-colored costumes, or by attaching reflective tape to them.
  • The other tip, again to increase visibility of children, is to have kids carry a flashlight. There are a lot of special Halloween flashlights that kids love to carry anyway and that increases their visibility.
  • Make sure costumes and accessories are safe, with nothing to trip over, and no sharp edges. And use makeup or face paint instead of masks that can make it hard for kids to see. And of course, if your kids are very young, you should go with them. And it's important to know your neighbors.
  • Children should only be trick or treating in neighborhoods where they know people and where they're familiar with houses they're going to.
  • One final tip; make sure kids don't eat their treats until they're home, so you can check them for tampering.

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