This page was inspired by all of the hate mail I have recieved over the years from anti death penalty crazies about my webpage. These are some of the terms they frequently use. This is a dictionary that you can use to understand the meaning of the terms as they perceive them so that you too can indulge in the sanctimonious hypocricy of the abolitionist movement.

Al-Qaeda Terrorist \'al 'ki-da 'ter-er-ist\ n: 1 : troubled and misunderstood human being who can violate human rights with impunity because Americans and Israelis have it coming.

America \'am-er-e-ka\ n: 1 a : Nazi Germany b : Saudi Arabia c : Iran d : China e : to be directly compared with any nation that has a bad reputation in the international community provided that they have the death penalty (this means that Japan and Singapore are not to be included in this list even though they have the DP since neither one is infamous enough to degrade the US with a comparison) f: the only source for evil in the world syn see Dystopia

death penalty \'deth 'pen-el-tee\ n 1 a : premeditated murder of an innocent person by the state b : the only form of murder there is syn see murder; genocide

Donald J. Trump \'don-ald 'jay 'trump\ n: 1 a : the Antichrist b : worse than Hitler and Stalin combined syn see nazi; KKK member

Europe \'eur-up\ n: 1 a : the place of enlightenment b : Utopia c : the unquestioned moral and political masters of the world

innocent person \'in-o-sent 'pers-en\ n: 1 : anyone who is on death row 2 a : one who is only valued and revered when they manipulate people into preserving murderers b : belittled, trivialized, and ignored with unmitigated contempt when he comes in the form of a murder victim or a repeat offence syn see death row inmate; Gary Ghram; Mumia Abdul Jamal

KKK member \'kay-kay-kay 'mem-ber\ n: 1 : anyone who favors the DP for murderers syn see George W. Bush; nazi

life without parole \'life 'with-out 'puh-rol\ n: 1 : alternative to the death penalty that abolitionists mention but adamantly refuse to spend time or effort to establish or maintain because they are too obsessed with keeping murderers alive to bother with keeping them in jail 2 : absolutely flawless in its perfection 3 : absolutely guaranteed to prevent killers from murdering again regardless of escapes, furloughs, or parole being granted due to a change in sentencing laws syn see the Holy Grail

murder victims \'mur-der 'vic-tems\ n: 1 : faceless, insignificant statistics to be trivialized and ignored syn see invisible men

nazi \'na-tse\ n: 1 : anyone who favors the DP for murderers syn see George W. Bush; KKK member

orgasm \'or-ga-sm\ n: 1 : what retentionists get at every execution.

racism \'ras-sis-im\ n: 1 : the sole reason why blacks and latinos can be found on death row

repeat offences \'re-peet 'of-en-ses\ n 1 : faceless, insignificant statistics to be hated and reviled because they demonstrate just how dangerous it is to keep murderers alive 2 : something that is impossible to occur if the paragon of perfection that is LWOP were applied syn see condemned souls; extremely hated; completely irrelevant

retentionist \'re-ten-shen-ist\ noun: 1 : anyone who advocates the wholesale slaughter of innocent people who have been wrongly convicted and are incarcerated unfairly on death row 2 a: genocidal monster b: the only kind of person that abolitionists advocate the death penalty for syn see demon from Hell; evil incarnate

slavery \'sla-ver-ee\ n 1 : the exact same thing as capital punishment syn see death penalty

Texas \'tek-ses\ n: 1 a : hell on earth b : Auschwitz c : Dachau d : all of Hitler's concentration camps put together

unbearably agonizing psychological torture \'un-ber-ab-ly 'a-gun-iz-ing 'si-ko-lo-gik-al 'tor-cher\ adj, v: 1 a : what the convicted murderer goes through on death row b : free room and board with television and reading privileges at taxpayers expense for 10-20 years c : the length of time it takes for appeals that ensures the inmate's guilt and to see if his Constitutional rights were met syn see medievil torture; death row

white supremecist racist \'wite 'su-pre-me-sist 'ra-sist\ adj: 1 : anyone who favors the death penalty for murderers syn see nazi; KKK memeber

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